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BCR Inc. is a second generation family owned business which started over 25 years ago with many loyal customer and very sound business relationships. Today we boast the efficient services offered as we operate in a very competitive business environment. Our fleet is very diverse and it includes Compact cars and Full-size cars, SUVs, Passenger vans, Pick-up trucks, Commercial Vans and Luxury cars.




  • BCR Inc. is committed to our customer’s satisfaction and our promise is to deliver the best car rental experience through excellent customer service and high quality vehicles.



  • Corporate Barbados

    • We provide tailored hiring and leasing arrangements to best fit the needs of the respective organisation.

  • Locals

    • We provide vehicles for any occasion to all local licensed drivers over 25 years, with driving experience of a minimum of 5 years.

  • Visitors to the Island

    • Any non-national visiting Barbados who is at least 25 years old and is in possession of a valid driving licence from their home country is welcome.

  • Small Businesses

    • We at BCR understand that time is money. If you are an entrepreneur with a small fleet of vehicles who cannot afford  downtime of any of your vehicles, or just need an extra vehicle during peak periods of business, BCR can offer solutions to your transportation needs.




Driver's Permits

For your added convenience local Driver's Permits are issued by our Rental Agents at the time of the rental. US$5.00.



When travelling with small children, be sure to enquire about our selection of baby and child seats that are available. US$5.00.


Vehicle Makes & Models

Our vehicles are priced and booked by car category not by make or model. At the time of rental clients may receive the vehicle model shown or similar.


Extra Protection (E.P.)


Optional Extra Protection is available and is recommended.


If E.P. is declined, the hirer accepts full responsibility up to US$1,250.00 for loss, damage, or loss of the vehicle caused by accident, fire or theft, regardless of who is at fault.


If E.P is accepted, responsibility for damages is reduced to US$250.00 providing the vehicle is operated in accordance with all conditions of our contract. E.P. does not cover damage to tyres/rims/vehicle canvas tops, damaged or lost keys or cigarette burns to upholstery.


E.P. per Day US$10.00.


Fuel Policy

Each vehicle will be delivered with a either a full tank, or a quarter tank of fuel. Clients may choose from our two fuel options.


Option A - You will be charged for a quarter tank on delivery and return empty (US$15.00 - US$25.00 depending on the vehicle category).

Option B - You will be charged for the full tank on delivery and return empty (US$60.00 - US$85.00 depending on the vehicle category).


Please note, our fuel policy can change without notice.


Extra Drivers per Day: US$3.00 with a maximum charge of US$50.00 per rental per driver. The renter’s spouse is exempt from additional driver charges.


GPS Rental per Day: US$5.00.


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